US President Donald Trump Address to The Nation | Committed to build the wall on the Mexican Border

Washington: US president Donald Trump once again emphasized the need of building a wall with the Mexican border and drug prevention. But his speech is being called a scripted speech from the opponents. 

The Donald Trump addressed the nation as the 45th president of America during speech he considered that the wall should be build on the Mexican border, he said the human crisis is taking place on the Mexican border that is a crisis of heart and soul.

Speaking at the Oval Office, Donald Trump said that the construction of the wall is a difference between right and wrong, justice and injustice.Democrat should come back to White House again and negotiate.

He said, it is unrealistic that politicians are not doing anything on the wall with a Mexican border.

Donald Trump demanded a $ 5 billion funds for the construction of a wall on the Mexican border, and it was opposed by Democrats.

Across the US partially Government Shutdown is being downloaded. Which passed 18 days and there have been several negotiations between the ruling Republican and Democrats that proved unrealistic.

Democracy-based House Speaker Nancy Pelsee says that the Donald Trump will have to stop hosting Americans and stop the artificial crisis, the government should must do its job.

Due to a partial shutdown in the US, 8 lack federal workers of 9 different departments and many NGO’s workers are not working; due to shuttle immigration system is badly affected and the judicial system is also facing severe crisis.

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