Top 10 Free and Best Resume Templates 2018

Hi Readers. This page contains the list of ten most downloaded best resume templates in Microsoft Word with one Bonus CV.

As we know that resumes are like a handshake and leaves a ever lasting impression. You have found your path to our Website page that featuring our top 10 free and best resume templates. These are the best templates created by team of Get Into Blog. You can find the best templates for your resume in this page related to each type of format, different kind of purposed and categories.

Tables of Content:

  • Chronological Resume
  • Functional Resume
  • Combination
  • Two-Page
  • Creative
  • Modern
  • Clean
  • Infographic
  • Simple
  • Bonus: CV

Chronological Resume

The resume template named “Traditional Elegance” is a choice of excellence while applying to multiple companies having multiple conservative ethos. This resume features a classical and elegant layout that will show your business precisely. The managers will appreciate your that it is very easy for them to evaluate your growth of career when a resume in a format of chronological form is used. This resume template is best for those who want to work in banking and finance, healthcare, manufacturing, engineering and industries like mortar type.
Chronological Resume Traditional Elegance

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Functional Resume

The resume template named “Substantial” is the perfect choice of resume with respect of point of functional resume. The layout of this resume puts a great impact on your introduction and your skills that are shown at the top of the resume page, making it easy for managers of hiring to determine whether your resume if according to their needs or not. The clean sections of stacked, bit of color and lines make this resume fit for both traditional companies and creative organizations.

Functional Resume Substantial

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Combination Resume

By joining the efficient elements of the resumes of chronological and functional, the resume named “Steely” template lends an air of authority by highlighting the accomplishments, history of your experiences and education. Recruiters will appreciate how it is easy for them because of its attractiveness. This different kind of resume template is a choice of great for professionals related to finance, administrators of hospitals and others.

Combinational Resume Steely

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Two-Page Resume

The resume about Two-Page named “Button-Down” is an updated version of Classic Resume as it clean lines and bullet points are added in it to highlight the skills you have and your work experience. Middle Career and professionals who are seeking for the positions of executive management will find in this template that it provides an efficient space to detail their work history more clearly, about their skills, educations detail and accomplishments.

Two-Page Resume Button-Down

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Creative Resume

Sometimes your have creative spirit but you does not let your creative spirit to shine in your resume. Its a advice to you that leave the designing to the professionals and use this resume. This is one of our creative resume templates like “A Doll“. This creative resume template will give attention to the grabber and it is one of the top 10 resume templates of all the time. The bold banners in pink color, outlines and titles highlight your inner creative spirit in resume.

Creative Resume A Doll

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Modern Resume

As we are living in a global village where we have to submit our resumes and cover letters online or have to emailed the companies that shows our resume is only a part of us that will attract the hiring managers. You have to use more colors in an efficient form in your resume template design. So, for that purpose the “Blur Side” resume template is the best option for you.

Modern Resume Blue Side

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Clean Resume

The resume clear, simple and clean. It should be a classic one and should never goes out of its style. It should be easy to scan and read by the hiring managers. So the template named “Goldfish Bowl” is suitable for every position and for every type of employee.

Clean Resume Goldfish Bowl

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Infographic Resume

The infographic resume template named “Boast” a gives a great potential to recruiters and hiring managers because it gives a quick snapshot of the employee with his skills, working experience, awards and with his education. This template is not over-designed and it is easy for the managers to find-our whether you fit for the jobs according to their needs or not.

Infographic Resume Boast

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Simple Resume

The resume named “Talented” is one of the great example of simple resume templates. It provides wide margins and headers with bold attribute which make this resume easy to view and understand.

Simple Resume Talented

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At the end, we must say that there are thousands of resume templates that can help you to get the your desire position according to your wishes and needs. But the challenge of finding the best resume template according to your needs is a great hectic. Make sure to put your best foot forward with a resume that should be designed professionally and also the attached cover letter will also impact greatest on the hiring managers.

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